Jari Castle

Dog Training

Changing the world, one dog at a time.

All the world's problems are a product of behaviour.

If we can understand behaviour and implement behaviour change, we can change the world.

Let's start with your dog.

Get help to train your perfect pet dog, with toilet training, leash manners, preventing fear and aggression, grooming, managing kid and dog excitement, and nailing the perfect recall at the off leash park

Support for you and your dog who barks, lunges, growls or bites. It's a tough road, but careful planning, management and training can improve everyone's quality of life.


I only work with a very limited number of clients at a time to ensure you get the very best service and support.

Fear-free professional training

You and your dog deserve the best advice from a qualified expert in animal behaviour and training. All my training of humans and animals will be underpinned by kindness, empathy and respect.

Ongoing Support

Living with an unruly dog or being a new pup parent is tough, so you'll be supported every step of the way to success. I work with all ages and breeds of dogs.

Flexible training locations

We can train in your home, at the park or down the street. We can train via Zoom or whatever is going to best suit you and your success with your dog.

Check out the Services page and then fill in your training application

Email: hello@jaricastle.com.au